When you Walk


  • Review the map to choose your starting point and preferred route
  • When ready, log in, and select "Begin Walking!"


We want you to have an enjoyable, safe and fun experience when you do your BridgeWalk. Since this is a self-directed walk, your safety and the safety of those around you is your responsibility, no different than when you are walking through the city to your job or on an errand. Your common sense and street savvy should prove to be your best guides as you will be part of the general public.

There are no rules to how you walk, but there are some tips to help make your BridgeWalk more enjoyable:

Always be alert and aware of your surroundings, especially in high traffic areas, as you normally would walk in the city. There will be no walk monitors or staff along the way.

Your use of cell phones, headphones and the like is, of course, at your discretion; but please use these safely.

There are no water stops, staged restrooms or first aid stations set up for your walk. You will be responsible for your own physical needs.

As always in the general public, please be respectful of those around you.

We can’t stress this enough... this is a wholly self-directed walk. Please use good judgment to keep yourself and those around you safe and happy.